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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

R.C. Sproul Memorial Service, Grace Community Church Christmas Concert, & A Memorable Song

Who Was The Child Born In Bethlehem?

I have a song stuck in my head that I heard more than once this past Sunday!
Although I certainly don't believe we literally can crown the Lord, I realize that it can be taken to mean us adorning the Lord in a figurative way rather than a literal crowning.
Other than that, I really like the rest of the lyrics of the following song which not only remembers Christ's birth, but it goes beyond it to the rest of the story - His death & resurrection & His reign from His throne!

Grace Community Church's 2017 Concert 

The concerts are over, but soon they will be putting the concert up for those who missed going in person or watching the live-stream (or for those who want to see it again). 
I thought the concert built up as it went along. 
The music is high class and superb! 
I must admit to feeling a personal connection, as I not only went to the church for a time when I was younger, but I watch live-streaming on top of going to a local church. 
This means that I get to hear some of these people when there is no concert! 
The Gospel message that John MacArthur gave was the most important part, and hopefully, everything will be online shortly!
Grace Community Church Concert 2017
Update - It is currently available to watch at the link above!

R. C. Sproul Memorial Service

Tomorrow at 2 PM EST (11 AM PST & 7 PM GMT) a memorial service for R. C. Sproul is supposed to be streamed.
While I'm not a Presbyterian, I know that God used R. C. in the lives of many people 
It went far beyond the walls of the church he pastored.  
While I only had outside glimpses, it is likely that the Biblical truths he taught have permeated through to me through other people (not that they couldn't have been learned straight from God's Word as well).
If you want to watch, go to the following link. 
Update  - You can watch the replay HERE.

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