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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Insight Into Paul Washer (Interview), Replacing Worry, Supreme Court Judging Marriage, Believing the Worst

Earlier this month I heard an interview with Paul Washer that Tim Challies shared on his blog.
It will give you some insight into Paul Washer that you may not have heard before.

 John MacArthur had a blog post not long ago that is convicting about replacing worry.  I do struggle with anxiety and worry too often, and I keep reminding myself to give things and situations to God.  There have been times where I have felt peace though, and lately when I've been floundering I am frustrated with myself.

Recently the Supreme Court agreed to hear two cases regarding homosexuals and marriage.

I just read a post today by Tim Challies that I really can identify with.   I have jumped to wrong conclusions about people before, and I have been hurt or angry without first asking questions.
I've also been on the other end where I have felt condemned and judged for my imperfections when I make mistakes or people have rejected me. 
I'm not saying that there aren't cases to confront people.  There are. 
When I care about someone, I should not automatically assume the worst, but sadly I do at times. 
I would hope that people will forgive me for that.  That doesn't mean I'm always wrong in my assumptions or feelings.  I need to be quick to hear, slow to speak and slow to anger though!
Below is a link to Challies' blog post:

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