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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2012 Presidential Primary Issues That Matter To Christians

The Primaries are here for many people in the U.S. Where do the candidates stand on issues that matter to many Christians?

Some of these issues are addressed on this voter scorecard available online:


Romney says he supports marriage between a man and a woman, but he was willing to sign “marriage” licenses for homosexuals. To me that makes it clear that he is not strong enough to follow conscience on this issue. He also is for allowing homosexuals to openly serve in the military.
He is willing to appoint homosexuals to the bench (as judges).  See 2/3 down the page at the following link:
Rick Santorum is supportive of marriage between a man and woman, and he has stood up for it even when it might cost him votes.

Ron Paul claims to be for marriage between a man and a woman, but he would leave it up to the states to decide. This means that states could falsely redefine marriage. This also means there could be fights when people move from state to state. He also supports allowing homosexuals to openly serve in the military.

Newt Gingrich supports marriage between a man and a woman, but he has not been a good example of moral faithfulness.

Rick Perry supports marriage between a man and a woman, but he was for giving vaccines to kids who shouldn’t be having intimate relations to get Hpv.

President Obama does not even support the current defense of marriage law, but he supports homosexuals openly serving in the military.


All of the major Republican candidates claim to be against abortion,
but Ron Paul again would leave it up to the states. That would mean that people in certain states could choose to have killing the unborn legal. Does that sound fully pro-life?

Romney will support a protection act for pain-capable unborn children? Check out these links on him: If this following one is true about Romney, it doesn't sound good:

Newt Gingrich does not think America is ready for a Constitutional ban on abortion Santorum opposes abortion in all cases even rape. I believe he is right on. The child is not responsible for the father’s crime. He supports a Constitutional amendment. Rick Perry supports a Constitutional ban. I believe he recently changed to opposing abortion in the case of rape, but he still hasn’t changed about the life of the mother sadly. It’s never necessary to murder somebody. All efforts should be made to preserve both mother and child.

Obama is for abortion. Also, I have not forgotten about the born alive issue that came up leading up to the last election. Please check out these links: &

To see more information of how the candidates stand on the issues go to:

Who do I plan to vote for? Rick Santorum

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