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Monday, January 30, 2012

Helpful Links For Christians Part 2

Below are some more links that I recommend.  Please click on the underlined titles to go to the pages.  I finally took notice that I could check a box that would let you open in another window.  This should make it easier for you to check them all out while keeping my site open as well.

Getting the Gospel Right by John MacArthur  -  So many people don't even understand what the Biblical Gospel is, and then they try to explain how to share with others.  The article linked above helps to define elements of what repentance and faith really are, etc.

Men and Women and The Public Reading of Scripture by Tim Challies - I really agree with this article, and it makes me cringe that so many churches do not think about this issue in relationship to the church.

Be Who You Are sermon by Kevin DeYoung  - This was a good message about unity or identity in Christ that I listened to when staying home from church because of illness.  While I was a bit bothered by his ad-libbing what God or the Spirit says (which other pastors I've heard have done as well), overall it was great.  I heard Kevin DeYoung live online when he spoke at the Master's College recently, and I saw a blog post he did critiquing a viral video that so many people were sharing.  So far I've been pretty impressed.  He's part of the Gospel Coalition.

The Myth of Mother Teresa by Tim Challies - This may be challenging to those who like to praise Mother Teresa as an example to follow.

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