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Monday, June 4, 2012

Christian Conveyor of Constructive Communication Connections

How To Start at Your New Church - Kevin DeYoung  This article is worth reading, although for some of us it's not so simple.  When you live far away or are disabled or limited, it's not so easy to be able to get involved the same way. 

The Big Deal About Profanity - Randy Alcorn / Craig Groeschel  Do you watch movies or TV?  This article is for you.  I can definitely relate as being someone who didn't have a TV in the home for most of my growing up years.  I can relate to what Randy Alcorn said especially. This is something that most Christians ignore it seems.

Bible Reliability: M-A-P-S to Guide You through Bible Reliability - Hank Hanegraaff  Years ago I used to listen regularly to the Bible Answerman radio broadcast.  While I didn't always agree with everything said, I learned a lot of things that have been useful to me as a Christian throughout the years.  I recently have used some from this acronym that I learned back then.

The Church and Homosexuality: Ten Commitments - Kevin DeYoung  If you are communicating with people who are homosexuals or with others about homosexuality, these are things that Christians should try to remember in the way that we respond.

39 Major ProChoice Arguments and Their Refutations - Randy Alcorn  This is excellent information that you can use as a reference when responding to people about abortion.  I have used the information to help me when people give these types of arguments online.

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