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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Giving to Help Save the Unborn Children

You now care about the preborn children or perhaps you have cared for many years, and maybe you want to know some ways that you can help.  You may already pray and do some things, but perhaps you would like to know places that you can give to help save a life.   Well, that interests me as well.  I have given to one organization at times that counsels women who are in crisis pregnancies, and from some other pretty reliable sources I have come across some other places that people can give to.  I hope to give to the others myself at some point, although I cannot give a lot.  I know there are many good places to give!  Some of these I have likely shared before, but I hope that this list will be helpful.  This will likely be a reference point for me though for giving for the unborn.  You can check them out too and see what you think.

1. This first one is linked from a site recommended by Randy Alcorn from my recollection (you will see the organization name when you go there - about China):

2. Avenues Pregnancy Clinic -  This is one that I've given a little to over a number of years.  Someone from a church I went to was involved there as well (in California):

3.  Speak for the Unborn - Recommended by Denny Burk (in Kentucky):

4.  180 Movie - Project 180 General designation:

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