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Friday, June 1, 2012

Gendercide in America and 180 Movie

Many people have watched the videos catching "Planned Parenthood" in the act of going along with abortions of girl babies. Sadly, it isn't surprising. If people can take a human life of a baby in the womb for disability or any other reason, then why not gender? America has already gone down the slippery slope of moral relativism and away from the ultimate standard of what God says about life and murder in His Word.   After watching this video, I highly recommend watching the "180" Movie documentary below it to see the process of what devaluing human life was like in the past and how history repeats itself in many ways.  Also, there is a potentially life saving message if you watch the whole thing!  If you have trouble getting one of the videos in, just try refreshing the page.

If you do not speak English:
‎”180” Movie is available with closed captioning in 30 languages so far:

1) English
2) Spanish (Mexico)
3) French
4) German
5) Hungarian
6) Russian
7) Korean
8) Japanese
9) Italian
10) Polish
11) Albanian
12) Croatian
13) Estonian
14) Latvian
15) Norwegian
16) Romanian
17) Slovak
18) Swedish
19) Dutch
20) Chinese Simplified
21) Chinese Traditional
22) Afrikaans
23) Japanese
24) Bulgarian
25) Zulu
26) Czech
27) Filipino
28) Greek
29) Portuguese (Brazil)
30) Portuguese (Portugal)

To access the Closed Captions in your language Click on the “CC” on the video at the link and find and select your language. Please share with all of your friends.

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