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Saturday, March 5, 2016

"Amen" To Christian Dental Music

Due to either an e-mail or from following him on Facebook, I had known Steven Curtis Chapman had a new worship album coming out (which has now already been released), and I'd heard a little sampling of what was put out early.
I have not listened to contemporary Christian radio that often lately, but it wouldn't have surprised me to know that they were playing a single from an album before the full release was out.
That is usual.

What did surprise me was to hear the song "Amen" being played while I was getting my teeth cleaned recently.
I think I also heard "Slow Fade" by Casting Crowns, etc. afterward.
It would not have surprised me much at all to hear Christian music at my old dentist's office (though other easy listening music was often played there), since my old dentist used to lead the singing sometimes at a church.  I did not know that it would be played at this office.  If they did it in the past, I had forgotten.

Yes, things like this can and do happen in Tennessee whether at a dentist office, a fast food place, or other places you might not expect it.  Certainly it is unlike California, as you will see people interviewed on TV even talk about God and church in a positive way at times.
They even show events that are being held at or hosted by churches.

Though there are many in the old "South" who have a churchianity mentality rather than being true believers,  I still can enjoy some of the benefits.

Hearing some uplifting music with decent lyrics probably did help add to the easing of my stress of being at the dentist office (especially after having to fill out paperwork - again).
I'll admit that it was also a plus that the dentist chair now has a back massage or vibrator seemingly inside of it.

Though some may strongly disagree, I find this music much more agreeable than the classical music I had to suffer through many years ago as a teenager while getting teeth braces adjusted.

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