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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Heretical Error, Shepherds' Conference 2017, Reformation & Great Awakening

How do you know what doctrine is the most important, and what heresy sends people to Hell?
The following article is one that is superb on this subject:
 When Does Error Become Heresy? - Mike Riccardi

2017 Shepherds' Conference - 500 year anniversary of the Reformation 
"We Preach Christ" 
I know the last conference seems hardly over with (and it was great), but next year's looks to be quite exciting as well.  Some of my online friends are already planning to go, and those of us who can't attend will hopefully get to watch online again next year!

Watch the Introduction! 

From the Reformation to the Great Awakening:  
I'm still creeping my way through the historical Theology lectures that are online that were given at the Master's Seminary.  Although they are primarily for pastors, you don't have to be a pastor to benefit.  We all can learn about church history, and how heresy creeps in and Theological creeds were helpful.  Also, it shows how God continues to work to keep a remnant for Himself -  even though many stray from Biblical truth.

It is helpful for Christians to see why the Reformation was needed (to recover the truth - especially the Biblical Gospel that had been strayed from), and then again why the Great Awakening was needed as the age of so-called "Enlightenment" began to make idols of human reasoning and science.
This is the Lecture I'm currently making my way through:
Nathan Busenitz talking about what led to the necessity for the Great Awakening.


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