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Friday, March 11, 2016

Shepherds' Conference: Part 4 - Responses From John MacArthur, Albert Mohler, & Ligon Duncan

Austin Duncan led the question and answer time at the Shepherds' Conference on Friday.
I was watching live-streaming, and below are a combination of quotes and thoughts shared by me on social media taken from the responses of the guys answering the questions.

General Session 8:  Keynote Q & A

Theology is just truth propositionally stated. - @johnmacarthur  #ShepCon

Between Christianity and the modern world there is a deep antagonism.  Listening to A Mohler during Q & A #ShepCon

Just try dropping words like "male" & "female", & you will see the antagonism between Christianity and the world around you.#ShepCon AMohler

They come because they want deliverance. (MacArthur talking about homosexuals) #ShepCon

We need to be courageously clear and Biblical about every area of sin - not just LGBT. #ShepCon

There are a lot of schools that wave inerrancy and do not believe it. - Ligon Duncan #ShepCon

Preachers / pastors need more not less.  We're on the precipice of a chasm. #ShepCon (Al Mohler)

We not only have to overcome the world.  We have to overcome the church.  The world has infiltrated the church. John MacArthur #ShepCon

Pastors need to know who is gifted and send them to the seminary & hold them accountable.  #ShepCon  (I was listening to John MacArthur during Q & A)

You can tell a church where the Word of God is lifted up... JMac #ShepCon

Al Mohler comments on Presidential candidates' clothing.  :) #ShepCon

The one thing you can do that will profoundly matter is to be uncool.  #ShepCon (Al Mohler said something like that.)

When you have a church down the street with clowns & otters... The way you trump entertainment is with relationships. Ligon Duncan #ShepCon

John MacArthur talks about how Mark Driscoll has paved the way for the crude, crassness, & profanity of Donald Trump.  #ShepCon

Morality doesn't define us anymore. - @johnmacarthur
 #ShepCon #ShepCon2016

We counted on cultural Christianity to protect us, but the believing church is a lot smaller.  #ShepCon (Hearing Al Mohler)

We are seeing the humbling of Evangelicalism in America.  (Was hearing Al Mohler & MacArthur)

Your hope is not situated in immediate results.....All of us need to think more long the final judgment.  Ligon Duncan #ShepCon   (I should have put "term.")

Stand in Christ between God and the Devil for the people.  Preach the Gospel. Preach the Word, & consider what an honor that is. AM #ShepCon

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