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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Encouragement & Remembering The Cross

Encouragement In The Little Things

I had found awhile back that I still had some million dollar tracts found somewhere I hadn't realized they had been, so I have placed some of those along with my other Gospel tracts in various places when I actually go somewhere. I feel uncomfortable about fake money ones, but I don't want the ones I have left to be wasted!

Well, today, I placed one in a bathroom at a doctor's office in another city. Later I heard two ladies talking. One was saying something about someone leaving that kind of money around, and I heard one say they knew it wasn't real. She figured it had a message. And I heard one say that it had a good message...that you never know how long you might have. I'm not sure, but the other lady might have agreed. It was still there later, so who knows how many people might read it?

Tracts turn up in various places where I've been, but I usually don't get to hear about people reading them.   It is fun when you see or hear a positive reaction!

I would encourage people to think about Gospel tracts, and not to underestimate God's power to use them!

Good Friday & Resurrection Sunday

This week many people around the world will remember Jesus' death and Resurrection, though for Christians  (Imputationists to my friends) we think about it a lot more than just one time a year!
I have enjoyed hearing a song live-streamed from Grace Community Church in recent times that focuses on the cross.
Apparently, the Newsboys made it famous, but I sometimes like to find more obscure people singing songs.  It takes the focus off of stardom, and puts it more on the song.
This is someone I've never heard before, but I enjoyed it!

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