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Friday, March 11, 2016

Shepherds' Conference: Part 1- Doctrine vs Cleverness

Over the past days, I've been watching The Shepherds' Conference online.

It has been pretty amazing, and there has been a group of us on Twitter sharing quotes and thoughts from the conference - as well as having fun and fellowship.

I am not fast at typing, so sometimes I mix quotes and thoughts, or I skip over parts to get the gist of what I have gotten from what was said.
There are some quotes that I manage to get in their entirety though!

General Session 1: John MacArthur

The pastor above all is not only to teach doctrine...., but the pastor is the guardian of sound doctrine. (Listening to JMac) #ShepCon
Every significant pastor in church history has been a heavyweight in Theology.  - @johnmacarthur #ShepCon

I submit ..both the death of Christ and the resurrection of Christ fall below the reality of John 17. (Listening to John MacArthur) #ShepCon

If you don't have Theology - not only can you not preach - you can't even pray. - John MacArthur

God and Allah are not the same. - John MacArthur #ShepCon #ShepCon2016

Allah is a form of the devil.  He doesn't have relationship. There is no love in Allah.

As clearly as the Father has given a Name to the Son, He has given a people to Him. #Chosen #ShepCon (Hearing John MacArthur)

"All that the Father gives Me will come to Me, and the one who comes to Me I will certainly not cast out.  John 6:37 NASB #ShepCon #Election

God willed to save those He chose. Christ couldn't have died for the whole world or He would have been out of the Father's will. JM #ShepCon

Salvation is to know know Christ.  - John MacArthur #ShepCon

General Session 2: Phil Johnson

It seems a lot of evangelical churches today think unless you use..gimmicks.., it's a lame & unsophisticated way to do church #ShepCon PhilJ

All of ur gimmicks combined will never give spiritual light to blind eyes..the Word of God is the only thing that can do that.PhilJ #ShepCon

How can you commend yourselves to everyone's conscience, if you're doing things that will offend their conscience?
Hearing Phil J #ShepCon

God's word is the substance of our message....There's no need to mask it behind politically correct jargon, ....Phil J #ShepCon

Paul doesn't answer reviling with reviling....  He commits himself to the One who judges righteously.  Phil Johnson #ShepCon

False teachers don't wear signs openly showing they are ministers of Satan.
Hearing Phil Johnson #ShepCon

Lots of people are simply seeking glory from people. - Phil Johnson #ShepCon

Don't adapt the Gospel to people's felt needs.  People need the unadulterated truth and Gospel.

3 Strategies to avoid in preaching:
1. Trying to be clever
2. Trying to be coy
3.  Trying to be cool
Phil Johnson #ShepCon

This craving to be cool is the besetting sin of this generation.
Listening to Phil Johnson
#ShepCon @shepconf #ShepCon2016

If you think it's important for you to be somebody in order to get the audience that you crave, you are too important to yourself. - Phil J

Part of the problem today is "a glut of pulpiteers who simply are not gifted to teach" Listening to Phil Johnson

The Lord will use His Word to call and convert people. - Phil Johnson

Preach the Word. Preach it with courage, clarity, and conviction
(Was listening to Phil Johnson #ShepCon #pastors

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