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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Godly Thinking, Unity In Essentials, & Men Who Rocked The World

Last Sunday night we heard a really good message about the things Christians should be thinking & dwelling on.  
Now, putting it more into practice can be tough.
I encourage those who missed it to find time to listen!

Godly Thinking, Godly Living by Mike Riccardi

"Godliness doesn’t always guarantee godly discernment."  - Cameron Buettel
Sometimes godly men made bad decisions or alliances.  We don't understand, and it really disappoints us.  We need to not make the same decisions they do:

Jehoshaphat & Dangerous Naiveté by Cameron Buettel

On the other hand, we need to have unity with true brothers & sisters in Christ:

1. Unity Across Denominational Lines - GTY

2. Maturity in Essentials and Non-Essentials by Pastor John Samson

Next month, Stephen Lawson is scheduled to speak on some historical men God used.
It does cost a little, but it includes breakfast for one of the days.
Men Who Rocked The World Conference 
September 23-24th, 2016 

Men Who Rocked The World 2016 from Grace Community Church on Vimeo.

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