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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Amazing Miracles - Real Prophets

Note to readers:  Since I'm a female writer, I want to disclose that before you read this.
I in no way want to be taking a role I shouldn't, and these are just my thoughts from reading in the Bible.

I'm reading 2 Kings again, and I find it quite amazing that things jump out at me that I had forgotten about.   We think about Moses being used in the parting of waters, but how many of us think about Elijah or Elisha also having waters parted for them?

I know that Jesus raised the dead, but Elijah (in 1 Kings), and Elisha (in 2 Kings) also had the dead raised by the power of God.  They prayed, and God answered.  Isn't that an amazing thought?
God worked special miracles through them.

Sometimes I forget to think about some of the similarities between what the Lord Jesus did on earth (and His apostles), and what the prophets of old were given to do.
Actually, I guess it just shows that the same God did similar miracles at different times in history.  
I know Elijah and Elisha were prophets only (thought that was a special calling), and Jesus was God the Son (which is beyond any other prophet).

Still, there were many miracles done through Elisha and others.
There was the birth of a baby to a barren woman, the resurrection of that young man later, the provision of oil to keep a lady from having her 2 sons go into slavery, the miracle of poisonous stew being rendered safe, and there was even a miracle of seemingly not enough food be multiplied with doesn't that sound familiar?
That is in 2 Kings chapter 4 where I read today!

There are so many types and shadows in the Old Testament of what was to come, it's amazing, isn't it?  
There is so much demonstration of God's justice, mercy, and compassion in the Bible.

Sometimes I focus so much on God's justice (and His justice is good), that I start to lose sight of His compassion and mercy (which I'm desperately in need of).

I hope that my thoughts on what I've been reading are of some benefit to someone, but please remember that I'm just a blogger!
Maybe this will even encourage someone to read what I'm reading!

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