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Friday, October 14, 2016

Spurgeon, Suffering, Solace & Soothing

"Every Man Is Born A Pharisee" ←This section of a sermon by Charles Spurgeon highlights how salvation is not by works.
 It's worth reading!      

"He takes the crown from off the head of man in all respects, and gives all glory to the grace of God." - Charles Spurgeon

Christian, Are You Suffering? - Yeah, that's me too.
This message is an encouragement for Christians who are suffering.
It's called Benefits From Suffering by Rick McLean
Links: Benefits From Suffering or Suffering - MP3 

The Role of Women in the Church   - Sometimes it seems like it is rare for people to take 1 Timothy 2 & 1 Corinthians 14 seriously when it comes to women in the church, and I lamented that fact recently on my blog.
It can be pretty discouraging what with that and other compromises in churches.
The article on No Compromise (NoCo) Radio's site linked above is an encouragement that while not all agree 100%, there are those who do desire to stand strong on Scripture on this point at least.
Little by little people seem to find ways to worm around the Scripture.

Soothing Music- Simple music with an encouraging message.

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