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Monday, October 17, 2016

Is Gun Ownership Right For You?

Is it right to own a gun? 

If it is legal to own a gun, then we should be very careful about telling people whether they should own a gun or not.
Unless someone tells me that their purpose is to aggressively go out and kill someone, I have no business to tell someone not to legally buy a gun.
Yes, there is a key word there ....legally.
Sometimes people are able to buy a gun, but they are not legally qualified by law to own one.

Now, I can tell people that murder is wrong, but the Bible makes it clear that defending innocent life was accepted in Biblical times.
If the law allows you (even as an individual home or business owner) to defend innocent life, then it is up to your own conscience and ability about gun ownership.
Some people use guns to do target practice or to hunt for food to eat, and it's all within the law.

Clearly, I can see that the government is there to attempt to bring about justice and defense to the broader community.
Individuals are not called upon to run around looking for trouble to play cop or soldier.
That's obviously a government thing, and I can see in Romans 13 that it is actually a God-ordained role for government.
So, I have to obey the people that God has placed over us as long as they aren't commanding us to disobey God.
The government bears the sword for a reason, and that is pretty clear.
Now, if the government tells someone to aggressively, intentionally, & knowingly slaughter the innocent...that would be wrong.
I couldn't do that as a Christian.

So, basically, if the law allows people to self defense, and you are using a gun for purposes within that law - then it is God's to judge your attitudes and motives and not mine.

A person is just as guilty before God for hate and unrighteous anger with or without a gun.
Owning a gun legally isn't what God judges. He sees our hearts and knows our minds.
Yeah, I think we all are guilty of sinful anger and hate at times.
I could say that if you are full of hate, that there could be greater danger in owning or carrying a gun.

It's a matter of your own conscience, and we should listen to that.

What is most important though is our relationship with God....whether one is a Christian or a non-Christian.
The problem with all of the evil that is being done with guns in this nation isn't about the guns.
The problem is the sinfulness of mankind.
The conscience must be properly informed by what God says, and this applies in all areas.

I would request that you watch the video below, because it's message is of utmost importance to all of us.

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