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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Have You Seen JMac Rap?

I was looking to find a music video by a person who sang at Grace Community Church this past Sunday, and  in the process I came across a hilarious video that is a few years old.
It was done by people from The Master's College which is now The Master's University.

I decided not to resist sharing this crazy "rap", even though I am wondering how my friends will react!
I hope you have a sense of humor!
(John MacArthur makes an appearance near the end of the video.)


This is completely meant to be funny.
So, these are my disclaimers:
Christians should want to be like Christ foremost, of course, and not idolize anyone.
So, we should only follow examples in the way they follow Christ.
People generally don't faint when they see John MacArthur either.
I sure didn't when I used to see him around, though with my physical issues these days I do feel faint at times.

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