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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Reformation & Revival

Reformation- TMS Chapel: October 25th, 2016. Speaker: Dr. Nathan Busenitz 
The link above is to a video which was live-streamed from The Master's Seminary.
I watched the last portion live and the first portion dead?  No, not really.
I watched most of the first half with the music and introduction in video form.
I highly recommend watching this....especially for those of you who haven't heard him before!
It has an important admonition at the end.

Men who rocked the world - Steven Lawson 
A long time after what was known as the Reformation, the churches were growing cold and were in need of spiritual revival.
Not long ago, Steve Lawson did a series where he talked about George Whitefield & Jonathan Edwards.
They were in the time of Great Awakening.
I've only barely started in the series myself, but I have great expectations!

Reviving New England by Nathan Pickowicz is now available on Kindle.
I didn't want to leave this newer book out of my post about Reformation and Revival, and those of you who like screen reading can now be happy!
I've read 4 chapters so far in my paperback version, and it's worth your time!
It deals not only with historical facts and a great desire to see revival in New England (which has again grown cold), but it goes through what a Biblical church should look like.

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