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Monday, October 10, 2016

Help For Those Affected By Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew has greatly affected many people.  
I am concerned that people caught up in discussions about the Presidential debate and other things may quickly be distracted away from people who are still in desperate straits. 

In Haiti, hundreds of people are dead, and a lot of people have lost their homes and are in need of basic things and shelter.   

Many people in the U.S. had power outages which might sound minor, but there has been quite a bit of flooding and wind damage in some areas which is a lot harder to deal with than people might think.
Thankfully the death toll in the U.S. was very low. 
Help is needed in both locations, and times like these can bring greater opportunities for Christians to give the Gospel out as well as to provide physical aid as they are able.
We ought to have some love for our neighbors close by and around the world.
Some people are already active in trying to help, but I'm sure more is needed.

Here are a couple of places that are helping:

Children's Hunger Fund has people who volunteer from GCC.

Hurricane Matthew Giving through World Orphans
 ( You can check out World Orphans' Website)
I heard about World Orphans through a church that I listen to sometimes.

Christians,  I would ask you to pray for the people even if you can't do anything else to help.
Some of us are on very limited funds, but we still care about those in need.
God is Sovereign over all.
I pray not only for physical help, but that the Biblical Gospel will be heard, and that God will open spiritual eyes and ears and hearts.  
I have one friend online who has reported Gospel opportunities in Florida.
People can pray for his family as they seek to help others as well.

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